Update: Student Monitors at MS&T

Students may partially defray expenses by serving as session monitors. Monitors assist session chairs, record session attendance statistics, assist with audio/visual equipment, etc.

UPDATE (as of 8/4/10): All of the student monitor positions are filled. Interested students should still contact Nate Natale. He is taking names for a waitlist, but there is no guarantee that students will be needed. Students can also show up onsite at the Programming Booth on the morning of the day they are available to work in case an assigned student is not present.

2 Replies to “Update: Student Monitors at MS&T”

  • Dear Nate Natale,

    I am going to be a senior in Biomaterials at The Ohio State University. I am currently doing work with the Materials Research Lab at UCSB and will be continuing biomaterials research at OSU next year. I am very interested in going to MS&T this comming October, for I would like to participate in the student poster competition. As a result I was hoping to ask you for more information about being a student monitor for the conference. Are positions still open and if so could I have more information about the program.

    Thank you,
    Jacqueline Ohmura

  • Hi,

    Since I have received the superalloy scholarship, my registration for this conference is free. I also registered for some other social functions which is not free for me. Can I serve as session monitor and get part of that fee partially defrayed?

    Thank you for you help.



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