When you’re active in a Material Advantage student chapter, you gain access to activities that can help you launch a successful career, whether you’re pursuing metallurgy, ceramics, materials science and engineering, or a related engineering or scientific field. Here are a few examples:

Chapter Officer Workshop

Material Advantage Chapter Officers: Make sure to attend this virtual workshop to learn about Material Advantage and the Partner Societies. The highlight of the event will be breakout sessions, where you will have the chance to meet and interact with fellow chapter officers. In order to qualify to attend, you must be a Material Advantage Chapter Officer.

Please note that this workshop is only available for current Material Advantage Chapter Officers.

Congressional Visits Day

Congressional Visits Day (CVD), organized by Material Advantage, gives US-based Material Advantage Student Members an exciting opportunity to visit with legislators and congressional staff from their own states. The goal of the event is to educate Congress about the importance of research in materials science, engineering, and manufacturing and the need to increase federal R&D funding.

Find out more about this year’s Congressional Visits Day event and register today!

Credit: Christopher Walker

Technical Meetings

Attend a technical presentation by a leading local or national expert. After the presentation, stick around to meet and talk to the presenter and other members.

Plant Tours

During guided tours of their facilities, see first hand how companies put technology to work. Plant tours enable you to learn more about a particular material or process from the people who work with it every day.

Special Events

Meet and network with other members of your chapter (as well as other societies) at special events. Popular chapter events are Awards Night, which recognizes individual accomplishments; Guest Night, a social meeting to recruit new members and meet new contacts; and Career Night, held for high school students to introduce them to careers in the materials industry.

Joint Meetings

By communicating frequently with your local ACerS Section or Chapter, AIST Member Chapter, ASM Chapter or TMS Section, technical meetings and educational seminars can be jointly sponsored by both groups. This is an ideal opportunity for you to meet and network with materials professionals who can help you find your way in the local job market. We encourage student chapters to use our suggested program calendar as a guide for effectively planning chapter activities during the academic year.