ACerS Scholarships and Awards

The American Ceramic Society Sections, Divisions and Classes offer many student scholarships, awards and contests. Please see below for links to more information and deadlines for each scholarship/award.

ACerS Scholarships and Awards

Morgan Medal and Global Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation AwardJanuary 15
Glass & Optical Materials Division: Norbert J. Kreidl AwardJanuary 21
Glass & Optical Materials Division: Varshneya-Mauro-Jain Guru-Chela Travel FundJanuary 21
Bioceramics Division: Bioceramics Young Scholar AwardJanuary 31
Electronics Division: Student Presentation AwardsAt EMA meeting each January
Engineering Ceramics Division: Best Paper and Poster AwardsAt ICACC meeting each January
Glass & Optical Materials Division: Alfred R. Cooper Scholars AwardMay 15
Electronics Division: Lewis C. Hoffman ScholarshipMay 30
Energy Materials and Systems Division: Outstanding Student Researcher AwardJuly 31
Basic Science Division: Graduate Excellence in Materials Science (GEMS) AwardsAugust 4
Energy Materials and Systems Division: Student Stipend for ACerS Annual Meeting/MS&TSeptember 1
Basic Science Division: Ceramographic Competition and Roland B. Snow AwardSeptember 20

Deadlines noted above may be extended. Check individual award pages for the most up to date information.

ACerS Pittsburgh Section

J. Earl Frazier Memorial Scholarship

The J. Earl Frazier Memorial Scholarship, $2000 minimum, is awarded annually to a member of a junior class at one of the colleges providing an accredited undergraduate ceramic science and/or engineering curriculum and whose home residence is within the geographical confines of the Pittsburgh Section.

Scholarship Requirements | Scholarship Application Form

For more information visit the ACerS Pittsburgh Section webpage.

ACerS Southwest Section

The Forrest K. Pence Memorial Scholarship Program 

Scholarship grants will be awarded to students working toward an undergraduate or graduate degree in a four-year program, although consideration will be given to those in a two-year degree/certificate program, providing other criteria are met. Applicants will be required to be sponsored by an active member of the Southwest Section of The American Ceramic Society. 

Visit the ACerS Southwest Section webpage for more information and to apply.

The Robert and Mary Buttle Scholarship Fund

The Robert and Mary Buttle Scholarship Fund was established in 1993 to help students finance their college education. An explosion of unthought-of ceramic products and processes within the preceding 50 years created exceptional opportunities for ceramic engineers and scientists. There is particular need for applied and production engineering, as well as scientists.

Students of a recognized two- or four-year program of ceramic engineering or ceramic materials science are invited to apply for a grant from this fund, following successful completion of their first year.  Complete the application and enclose a recommendation from the department head or advisor. Be sure that qualifications are met according to the criteria on the application, listed in order of priority. 

Visit the ACerS Southwest Section webpage for more information and to apply.