Future Opportunities

Upon graduation, receive one year free membership within ACerS, AIST, ASM and TMS.

ACerS – Upon completion of their education, all students, who are dues paying members of Material Advantage, will receive a free twelve-month Regular Membership in ACerS, a $120 value. In the second year, dues will be $40 per year. Click here to sign up for complimentary ACerS Associate Membership. You may also review the list of exclusive ACerS Membership Benefits.

ASM International – You’re graduating and starting your career, don’t let your network and your information resource decline. Take advantage of the one year complimentary membership from ASM International! Just fill out the application and start your professional life on the right foot!

Visit Material Advantage Alumni Application.

TMS – Graduating students can take advantage of TMS membership as a “Recent Graduate.” Recent Graduate Membership is complimentary for the first year following graduation and includes all benefits of a full member. For the second and third years following graduation, the cost of TMS membership is $60 per year.

Simply complete the online or PDF Recent Graduate Application.

AIST – Upon graduation and application, students will receive a complimentary year of AIST membership. Full benefits are included. Click here for a Membership Application.