Leadership Roles

You learn leadership by being a leader. That’s one of the major benefits of serving as a student chapter officer – having the opportunity to learn and sharpen your skills to become a better team member, a better manager, a better leader.

Faculty Advisor

The advisor establishes and maintains the continuity of the student chapter. The advisor’s actions are guided by a clear understanding of the materials field in a societal context as well as familiarity with the benefits of participation in an established professional community. The advisor should be an enthusiastic supporter of students’ efforts and will make many important contributions at planned events and activities throughout the chapter year. More than one faculty member may serve as advisor; however, one person should be identified as the primary contact.

Main Responsibilities

  • Primary contact with society headquarters
  • Receives chapter materials for distribution to officers
  • Receives chapter rebate for distribution to Treasurer
  • Advises chapter officers and committee chairs on the formation and implementation of goals, objectives and programs
  • Ensures that the chapter understands the role of ACerS-AIST-ASM-TMS as a professional organization

Executive Officers

The quality of leadership provided by a chapter’s officers significantly influences the level of involvement and participation of other members and interested individuals, and the success of the chapter as a whole. The officers of a student chapter are usually comprised of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The last two positions may be combined in a small chapter. Student officers should be elected at or prior to the annual business meeting of the chapter.

Officers’ Responsibilities

  • Understands the Rules of Government for student chapters and the chapter bylaws
  • Acts as the primary interface between the student chapter, the faculty advisor, the department, the university and the societies
  • Establishes a clear set of objectives and an operating plan for the chapter year
  • Takes responsibility for fulfillment of the chapter’s established objectives
  • Trains the next class of elected officers


  • Works closely with the faculty advisor to ensure ongoing communication
  • Presides at all meetings of the chapter and its Executive Committee
  • Is familiar with accepted parliamentary procedures
  • Delegates committee responsibilities and makes committee appointments as outlined in the chapter’s bylaws
  • Coordinates communication with society headquarters
  • Coordinates and assures chapter reporting and record keeping functions
  • Appoints a nominating committee to select a slate of candidates (prior to election) to serve as officers for the following year

Vice Chair

  • Directs the major chapter activity of the year
  • Serves as chair of the chapter’s Program Committee
  • Serves as an ex-officio member of all major committees
  • Leads the chapter in the absence of the Chair


  • Maintains all chapter records
  • Keeps minutes for all chapter Executive Committee meetings
  • Acts as an official correspondent for the chapter
  • Fulfills all reporting requirements including monthly meeting and annual reports
  • Submits information to society headquarters to highlight chapter activities


  • Receives and deposits all funds paid into the chapter
  • Disburses funds as authorized by the Executive Committee
  • Prepares financial reports for chapter meetings
  • Submits financial information for annual report