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Link to a resource that provides a comprehensive listing of the world’s universities and colleges as well as other resources. BrainTrack’s University and College Search is a valuable reference for all levels of studies whether you are thinking about changing schools or going on for a master and doctorate degree.

BrainTrack offers several advantages including:
Highly regarded: Established in 1996, BrainTrack is referenced by thousands of sites, including: universities like Stanford, Harvard, and Yale; government organizations like the US Library of Congress; and publishers like the New York Times and Elsevier.
World coverage: BrainTrack links to over 10,000 university and college sites throughout the world. The links are organized regionally and updated continually.
Original school profiles: BrainTrack profiles almost every US higher-education institution with detailed degree data, student enrollment figures, tuition, and original overviews. Also included are profiles to universities worldwide — see for example the UK’s University of Oxford. For those interested in US studies, we offer a US College Directory and Studying in the US articles.

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  • please i just want to know about international medical schools schorlaships for african students.

  • Hello. BrainTrack is not an individual university. It is just a comprehensive website that lists universities. Here is the link, so you can do your own research for more info about the universities on the site: I hope this helps. Thank you.

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