And the winners are:

MS&T’09 is home to many student contests. The contests give students an opportunity to strengthen communication and technical skills and win cash prizes. On behalf of the entire Material Advantage Student Program, we encourage all students to take advantage of contests and the learning experiences they bring. 

The winners of this year’s Material Advantage student contests are:

Material Advantage Graduate Student Poster Competition

1st Place
Kelsey Miller
Carnegie Mellon University

2nd Place
Peter Williams
University of Wisconsin, Madison

3rd Place
Kousik Samanta
University of Puerto Rico, San Juan

Material Advantage Undergraduate Student Poster Competition

1st Place
Mohamad Zbib
Washington State University

2nd Place
Justin Nguyen
Georgia Institute of Technology

3rd Place
Adam Jakus
Georgia Institute of Technology

Honorable Mention
Elizabeth Fadde
University of Kentucky

Honorable Mention
Stephanie Bojarski
Lehigh University

Material Advantage Undergraduate Student Speaking Contest

Alvin Tan
Northwestern University

1st Runner-Up
Charmayne Smith
Clemson University

2nd Runners-Up
Edward Miley
The Pennsylvania State University

Paul Rottmann
University of Kentucky

Material Advantage Ceramic Mug Drop Contest

Winner – Tie @ 30 cm drop
Elliott Fray, University of Washington
PJ DiCesare, Alfred University

Most Aesthetic Mug
Tim Carruthers
University of Washington

Material Advantage Putting Contest

Missouri University of Science & Technology Team:
Derek King
Liz Kuba
Jon Bock
Josh Holzhausen

Best Ball
Alex Wilson
University of Washington

Best Putter
Derek King
Missouri University of Science & Technology

Best Putt – 47.5 cm
Erica Ronchetto
Missouri University of Science & Technology 

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  • I was looking for the winners of the fall membership challenge. Can you kindly update that as well?
    It is nice that all the information is clubbed and placed at one relevant location.
    best regards

  • The winners of the Steel Dynamics $500 Steel Contest were John Daldon, Laura Cerully, Chris Ferguson, Michael Renkoski and Liang Quan. The winners each received a $100 gift card to Best Buy and were recognized at the student awards ceremony at MS&T. Students were required to write a one-page essay about pursuing a career in steel making.

    Congratulations to these five students!

    Tricia Nicol
    ACerS Staff

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