Opportunities for Publishing Undergraduate Research

The Journal of Undergraduate Materials Research (JUMR) is an annual publication from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) at Virginia Tech which publishes only undergraduate research papers that are selected based on a rigorous peer-review process. Since its inception in Oct. 2005, this journal has been organized and run by the graduate students in MSE, with the assistance of undergraduate students from the Department of English. JUMR will be releasing its fourth volume in Spring 2010. This volume features a music-inspired project that connects the field of engineering with art through a collaborative learning effort between two universities and industry.

More information about JUMR can be accessed at www.jumr.mse.vt.edu or by emailing the board at jumr@mse.vt.edu

Apart from the publication, JUMR showcases undergraduate research by organizing an annual symposium at MS&T. Visit the MS&T web site for more information regarding the JUMR symposium. The deadline to submit abstracts has been extended to March 29, 2010.