Material Advantage Staff Contacts

Each of the four partners, ACerS, AIST, ASM and TMS, in the Material Advantage student program provides a staff liaison for the day to day business. Below is the current staff contact for each and a brief description of the partner’s role in the program.

ACerS Contact
Tricia Freshour, 614-794-5827
ACerS Responsibilities: Material Advantage website and special programming such as Congressional Visits Days and contests at MS&T

AIST Contact
Chris McKelvey, 724-814-3076
AIST Responsibilities: Marketing of the Material Advantage program and producing the monthly Material Advantage Newsletter

ASM Contact
Candace Cunningham, 440-338-5151, ext. 5527
ASM Responsibilities: Administering the Material Advantage Chapters and various chapter awards such as Chapters of Excellence

TMS Contact
Bryn Simpson, 724-776-9000, ext. 259
TMS Responsibilities: Administration of Material Advantage memberships including annual dues