Material Advantage Contest Winners 2010

MS&T’10 is home to many student contests. The contests give students an opportunity to strengthen communication and technical skills and win cash prizes. The winners of this year’s Material Advantage student contests in Houston, Texas, were:

Material Advantage Graduate Student Poster Competition (Organized by the Ceramic Educational Council)

1st Place
Debrupa Lahiri
Florida International University
“Quantifying Mechanical Properties and Adhesion Strength of a Single Splat – Building Blocks of Thermal Sprayed Coatings”

2nd Place
Kyle Rozman
Oregon State University
“Corrosion and Corrosion Fatigue of Oil Drilling Steels”

3rd Place
Masayoshi Wadamori
Osaka University
“Quantitative Analysis of Local Deformation during Tensile Test of Dual Phase Steel by Digital Image Correlation”

Material Advantage Undergraduate Student Poster Competition (Organized by the Ceramic Educational Council)

1st Place
Sibu Kuruvilla
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
“Top-down fabrication of patterned, vertically aligned silicon nanowires”

2nd Place
Carlos Bledt
Rutgers University
“Optical Properties of Silver/Silver Halide Thin Film Coated Low-Loss Hollow Waveguides for Infrared Spectroscopic Applications”

3rd Place
David Shahin
Missouri University of Science & Technology/Sandia National Laboratories
“Glass Cracking Near Edges and Interfaces”

Honorable Mention

  • Kelsey Meyer
    New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology/Sandia National Laboratories
    “Alternative Electrodes for Improved Electroceramic Thin Films”
  • Howie Joress
    Johns Hopkins University
    “Combinatorial Methods for Oxide Thermoelectric Development”

Material Advantage Undergraduate Student Speaking Contest (Organized by the Ceramic Educational Council)

Erica Marden
The Pennsylvania State University
“Effect of Concentration and Precipitation pH on the Degree of Amylose Inclusion Complex Formation with Dicarboxylic Fatty Acid”

1st Runner-Up
Ryan Ginder
Northwestern University
“Improving Li-ion Battery Capacity via PANI Composite Anodes”

2nd Runner-Up

  • Catherine Mohrmann
    Missouri University of Science & Technology
    “Crystallization Studies of Alumina Doped Tellurite Glass: For Use in Fiber Optics”
  • Seth Berbano
    Iowa State University
    “Electrochemical Performance of Rechargeable Lithium Batteries with Ni-coated Cathode Active Materials”

Material Advantage Ceramic Mug Drop Contest (Organized by Keramos)

Winner – passing @ 150 cm drop
Twyla Sampaco
University of Washington

Most Aesthetic Mug
Albert Tien
University of Washington

Material Advantage Putting Contest (Organized by Keramos)

University of Washington Team:
Twyla Sampaco
Andrey Maslov
Jill Kuchman
Dan Buck

Best Ball:
Andrey Maslov
University of Washington

Best Putter:
Jill Kuchman
University of Washington

Best Putt – 75 cm:
Andrey Maslov
University of Washington