Prof Dev Opps

Networking Opportunities

  • Meet future employers and colleagues through regional and national conferences and events.

Access to Professional Chapters/Sections in local area

  • ASM also boasts over 90 professional chapters world wide! Ideal for assistance with technical issues, job searching, relocating, getting involved as well as networking, the heart of ASM lies in its professional chapters. For a full list, or to find the chapter nearest to you, please visit: ASM International’s Professional Chapters.
  • In support of its mission, TMS disseminates information to the metals/materials community through division networks. There are five divisions through which TMS derives its strength. From these divisions, members take a hands-on approach to shape the policy, programming, and publications of the society by volunteering to serve.
  • ACerS offers a number of technical divisions, U.S. Sections, and International Chapters that offer professional support to students.  For more information or to join one, contact Yolanda Natividad.
  • AIST’s 11 Technology Divisions include Operating Committees that address specific process, engineering, equipment or reliability technologies associated with the iron and steel industry. Members who serve on Operating Committees become an integral part of a vital network to solve problems and advance the state of technology within the industry. Committee activities include plant tours, conference program development, industry surveys, round table discussions, and the development and maintenance of technical reports.
  • AIST represents individual members in the iron and steel community from more than 60 countries around the world. To facilitate the exchange of ideas and strengthen our global network, AIST Member Chapters represent an integral component of the AIST program. Member Chapters offer steel industry professionals the opportunity to participate in AIST on a grassroots level. Our members meet and network with others from the local community while gaining valuable knowledge about many aspects of iron and steel production. AIST has 16 Member Chapters throughout North America and 5 national chapters.

Access to/add-on memberships of affiliate societies/technical organizations