Membership Challenge

Congratulations to the Fall 2016 Membership Challenge Winners!
Florida International University – Most Creative Recruitment Strategies
University of Tennessee, Knoxville – Most Students Recruited (a 24% increase)

The Membership Challenge is a recruitment contest between student chapters occurring October 1-31 and March 1-31 each year. This contest is intended to challenge students to recruit new Material Advantage Student Members. Contest winners receive monetary prizes for the most creative strategies and the highest percentage increase in chapter membership. Participating chapters may also be recognized in certain Material Advantage Partner Society publications.

Check out the great ideas that some of our chapters are using to recruit new members!

How To Participate

There are two categories in which your chapter can participate:

I. Most Creative Recruitment Strategies ~ $250.00

Chapters must submit a record of the month’s recruitment activities and programs. A one-page description of the recruitment strategies used as well as photographs that show the chapter spirit, recruitment activities, and/or new members should be included. Chapters will be asked to upload these in the Membership Challenge Application.  The chapter that implements the most creative program to recruit new members while achieving a minimum 15% increase in membership will win this contest. An article recognizing the chapter may be published in certain Material Advantage Partner Society publications. The winning chapter will receive $250.

II. Most Students Recruited ~ $500.00

Chapters will be prompted to either submit paper membership applications or list the members who joined online. In order for members who joined online to be credited to the chapter, their full name should be supplied in the Membership Challenge Application.  The chapter with the highest percentage of membership increase during the Membership Challenge may be recognized in certain Material Advantage Partner Society publications. The winning chapter will receive $500.

Submission Deadline

The Material Advantage Membership Challenge ends on October 31 and March 31 each year. Participating chapters must fill out and submit the Membership Challenge Application by April 3 (spring challenge) and November 3 (fall challenge).

Fill out the Material Advantage Membership Challenge Application!

Rules & Procedures

Only new members will count towards chapter growth; renewal of existing memberships may be submitted but will not be counted in this contest. Your chapter must have a minimum of ten active members; if you have fewer than ten members, any increase beyond ten will be considered.

Starting chapter membership size will be determined based on existing Material Advantage Membership as of September 30 and February 28. Only applications/names submitted in the Membership Challenge Application will be included when calculating chapter growth.

You may enter both categories; however, the same chapter cannot win both categories.

Photographs submitted may be published and will not be returned.

For more information about the Membership Challenge, contact ASM.