Two Internships at Corning Glass

Corning Glass has two openings for materials science and engineering students with a focus on metals. See short description below:

Metallurgical Engineering Internship with Corning Glass
Job #171438

Required Skills:

•  At least 3 years of materials engineering studies with a metals emphasis. (More specifically, physical or mechanical metallurgy). More than one metallurgy course must have been completed with a grade of ‘B’ or higher.

•  Experience/exposure to Platinum, high temperature alloys and/or super alloys is a plus

•  Technical curiosity

•  Hands on laboratory and mechanical abilities

•  Good documentation and analysis skills

•  Computer skills such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint Presentation, etc.

Corning is looking for a Junior level of BS or higher. MS or PhD level preferred.  If interested, apply now.



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2 comments on “Two Internships at Corning Glass
  1. Alex Jazic says:

    Hi I am a 3rd year materials engineering student at Mcmaster. I am looking for 4 month and 12 month opportunities. I meet all of the above criteria and have a focus in the metallurgical field.

    In Addition I have 3 years work experience as a tradesman with aluminum and glass. I am familiar with work place safety and protocols.

    I am knowledgeable with metals and alloying as well as the mechanical properties of steel. I am currently studying high temperature processes for steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc smelting. Next year in my senior year I will be taking 2 addition metallurgical courses to complete my specialization in this field.

    Resume, Cover Letter, and Transcript are available upon request.

    Thank you for your time.

    Alex Jazic

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