MS&T Contests

Student Speaking Contest
The purpose of the Student Speaking Contest is to encourage undergraduate students to present technical papers and to improve their skills in the techniques of presentation. All schools and departments are allowed one entry in the Student Speaking Contest at MS&T. The student must be a Material Advantage Student Member. Each entrant will be the winner of a local speaking contest. The presentation subject must be technical but can relate to any aspect of materials science and engineering. Cash prizes to be awarded to contest winners are as follows:  $500 for first place, $250 for second place, $150 for third place, and $100 for fourth place.

Deadline to report contestants for the MS&T17 contest: CLOSED

Speaking Contest Rules (PDF)
Speaking Contest Grading Sheets (PDF)
Speaking Contest Winner Reporting Form (PDF)

For more information, contact Tricia Freshour or by phone at +1-614-794-5827.

Undergraduate Student Poster Contest
The purpose of this contest is to encourage undergraduate students to present their undergraduate research experiences and to improve their communication skills. The poster entered must be the work of an undergraduate and completed during the undergraduate education of the student. The work presented in the poster does not have to be performed at the student’s home institution, but could be, for example, from a project performed as part of a co-op experience, a summer internship, or a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) project.

First, second and third places will be given in the amounts of $250, $150, and $100 respectively.

All students are eligible to enter the poster contest. The winners will be announced at the student awards ceremony at MS&T.

Deadline to submit poster abstracts for MS&T:  CLOSED

To enter the poster contest, submit your name, title of poster and an abstract of no more than 100 words to Tricia Freshour.

Graduate Student Poster Contest
The purpose of the contest, open to graduate students who will have received M.S. or Ph.D. degrees within six months of MS&T, is to recognize superior research performed during graduate study. First, second and third place prizes are given in the amounts of $250, $150 and $100, respectively. Recognition will be given to the winner at the Student Awards Ceremony during MS&T. Entries will be displayed in the general poster session.

Deadline to submit poster abstracts:  CLOSED

Posters must be accepted for a technical session to be entered into the contest.  In your response to Tricia, please include:

  1. your full name
  2. the title of your poster
  3. your school name

Mug Drop Contest
Keramos organizes a mug drop contest at MS&T each year. Entrants are asked to notify Dr. Brian Gilmore of their intent to compete no later than two weeks before MS&T.  

Mug Drop Rules (PDF)

Ceramic Disc Golf Contest
The purpose of the Ceramic Disc Golf contest is to promote spirited and collegial competition among students by demonstrating their prowess in manufacturing ceramic discs possessing high strength and mechanical reliability.  The contest is organized by Keramos at MS&T.

Entrants are asked to notify Dr. Brian Gilmore of their intent to compete no later than two weeks before MS&T.

Ceramic Disc Golf Contest Rules (PDF)


Other Contests and Competitions

ACerS Basic Science Division Ceramographic Competition

The Ceramographic Contest is an annual exhibit staged to promote the use of micrographs and microanalysis as tools in the scientific investigation of ceramic materials. The competition occurs at MS&T and entries are prominently displayed in the Convention Center. The Best of Show (winner of the Roland B. Snow Award) will be published in the American Ceramic Society Bulletin. Other entries will appear in the Journal of the American Ceramic Society throughout the year.

Participants are encouraged to submit entries in one of the following general categories:

  • Optical micrographs (including confocal)
  • Scanning electron micrographs
  • Transmission electron micrographs
  • Microanalysis (including electron microprobe, Auger, SIMS, AEM)
  • Combined techniques
  • Problem solving (include micrographs that provide answers to a problem)
  • Scanning probe micrographs
  • Undergraduate studies

Prizes are awarded for first, second and third in each category.

Deadline for Entries: October 10, 2016, for mailed posters; October 24, 2016, for hand-carried posters

Send all entries to:
Dr. Karren More
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
1 Bethel Valley Rd.
Building 4515, MS 6064
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6064
Any questions, e-mail: or phone: (865) 574-7788


AIST Student Project Presentation Contest – First Place ($1,500), Second Place ($1,000), Third Place ($500)
The Association for Iron & Steel Technology invites undergraduate engineering students to participate in this annual contest at AISTech. All undergraduate students who have completed a project or paper may register to participate in this contest. The topic of the project is unlimited but should be technical in nature. Extra points will be given to steel related topics. Students will be assigned 15 minute sessions each to present their project. Each participant will receive $300 toward travel expenses.

AIST Graduate Student Poster Contest – First Place ($1,500), Second Place ($1,000), Third Place ($500)
Graduate students attending AISTech are encouraged to enter a poster in the annual competition. Don’t miss your chance to display your research and compete for top cash prizes!  For more information, visit AIST’s Web site, under Student Programs. Interested students are invited to return the registration form by March 15.

“The Real Steel” Marketing Video Challenge
Do you enjoy video production? Have a creative idea that might really hit its mark? AIST is pleased to announce “The Real Steel” Marketing Video Challenge. This exciting new contest is sponsored by the AIST Foundation and gives students from a variety of disciplines the chance to earn BIG CASH PRIZES for producing the winning video promoting careers in the steel industry. Complete contest rules and information on entering the contest are available online.

The deadline to enter is 31 October. All video submissions must be received by 31 December. Get a few friends together and get to work . . . you may be the next Steven Spielberg or George Lucas!

ASM International Graduate Student Paper Contest
The award recognizes the best graduate student technical paper in the field of materials science or engineering submitted during the year.

ASM International Student Paper Contest
The award recognizes the best student technical paper in the field of materials science or engineering submitted during the year.

HTS/Bodycote Best Paper in Heat Treating Contest
The ASM Heat Treating Society established the Best Paper in Heat Treating Award in 1997 to recognize a paper that represents advancement in heat treating technology, or promotes heat treating in some substantial way or represents a clear advancement in managing the business of heat treating.

For information on all ASM Paper Contests, visit: ASM Student Paper Contests.

TMS Powder Materials Graduate Student Presentation Contest
The Materials Processing & Manufacturing Division’s Powder Materials Graduate Student Presentation Contest, sponsored by the Powder Metallurgy Committee, honors the best technical presentation at a TMS-sponsored meeting by a graduate student in the field of powder metallurgy. The winner receives $200 in cash plus $300 in travel expenses to attend the award ceremony.

TMS Outstanding Student Paper Contest
Sponsored by the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS), the Outstanding Student Paper Contest is open to both undergraduate and graduate student entries. A first prize of $1,000 ($750 cash + $250 travel expenses to personally receive the award) and a second prize of $500 ($250 cash + $250 travel expenses to personally receive the award) are awarded in each division.

Undergraduate Contest
This contest is open to essays on global or national issues as well as technical research papers. Papers relating to any field of metallurgy or materials science will be considered. Students are encouraged to display original thought and creativity in the development of the essays, which should include a comprehensive bibliography on which the paper is based.

Graduate Contest
Papers should be of a technical/research nature and may deal with any of the following disciplines:

  • Physical and mechanical metallurgy
  • Extractive and process metallurgy
  • Materials science

A paper submitted in this division may be written from material contained in a student’s masters or Ph.D. thesis.

To enable recipients to receive the award in person, $250 of each prize is to be used to offset travel expenses.

Submission Deadline: May 1st of each year

For eligibility requirements, guidelines and procedures, please visit: TMS Outstanding Student Paper Contest.

TMS Technical Division Student Poster Contest

Featuring both Undergraduate & Graduate Awards
The five technical divisions of TMS are very excited to sponsor the student poster contest at the TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition. Both undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to participate in this dynamic and interactive event.

TMS Technical Divisions

Contest Participant Qualifications

In addition to developing poster presentations of technical interest to individuals in the various technical divisions, participants must satisfy the following qualifications:

  • Authors must be full-time students who are pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees.
  • Authors must register to attend the TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition and be present to put-up and take-down the posters.
  • Authors must be present during a scheduled “Exhibit Showing” (similar to a science fair) to answer questions and discuss their work.
  • Each author may use up to a 35″ x 35″ space. If poster exceeds this space, it will be neither presented nor eligible for contest. (Authors are assigned display numbers prior to the conference to designate where presentations should be posted.)
  • Visual aids that could clarify the results of your own work are encouraged. Do not, however, post your paper text. Graphics should be simple, colorful, well labeled and clear. The title should be written in letters 2- to 5-cm high, and all material should be readable from a distance of 2 m.

To participate, complete and submit your application at Log in (or register as a new user), click on the meeting icon and select “Technical Division Student Poster Contest” from the list.

You must apply no later than December 15 of the year prior to the TMS Annual Meeting at which you plan to participate.